Nijistore Journal Interview with Alex Setiawan  

Proffesion / About : Photographer and entrepreneur  

What Kind of Photography : Food & beverage and lifestyle product. Based on my photography hobby and my passion for food and coffee. So, I just want to share my food photo to people on Instagram, and now it’s become my job.    

PhoTools : Fujifilm X-T1 & iPhone 6  

Social media Instagram : @alexetiawan_

What is your favorite lens?
Fujinon 56mm f1.2, have a really nice bokeh, the quality image is so nice, and sharp.

Why you choose Fujifilm?

I choose Fujifilm because it has a really nice tone (I think is unique), sharp, and I love the electronic shutter.

What the definition of "Nice photo" for you?
'Nice photo' for me: have a nice composition (angle, props, lighting), tone, and eye catching.

What Software / Application do you use for editing your photos?

* Software: Adobe lightroom, photoshop
* Application: VSCO, and snapseed

Photo by : Alex Setiawan